An Ocean-Powered Marine growth preventer

Rapid and chemical-free marine growth removal for tubulars in the splashzone within as little as two days.

Ideal for use on:

  • Offshore oil and gas jacket structures
  • Offshore wind farm jacket foundations
  • Jetty and terminal piles
  • Splashzone level structures
The combination of marine growth and wave loading on offshore structures increases the probability of tubular defects and failure. MGP-i enables us to reduce this risk significantly while also reducing or eliminating the need for periodic cleaning by divers.

MGP-i is a structural integrity management tool that uses it's own buoyancy and natural wave power to remove existing marine growth permanently and prevent regrowth on protected offshore structures.

Installed by AquaTerra's rope access teams, MGP-i is a proven low-cost, long-term maintenance solution for marine growth removal and prevention in the harshest of environments. It allows visual inspection of the tubular surface to be conducted and reinstates structural capacity by reducing wave loading.

Patented and manufactured by IEV Group, its modular design means the MGP-i can be quickly and easily configured to fit any tubular and requires no maintenance following installation.

Easily removing soft and hard growth material, the MGP-i is powered solely by wave action, so it’s environmentally friendly and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Logo for AquaTerra's MGP-i product that removes and prevents marine growthWave powered MGP-i made by AquaTerra for the removal and prevention of marine growth on marine pilesInstallation of wave powered MGP-i for the removal and prevention of marine growth on offshore assets
Key benefits
  • No diver or ROV intervention
  • Carbon neutral &
    environmentally friendly
  • No structural modification
  • Self-cleaning & extreme
    weather proof
  • Facilitates underwater inspection
  • Powered completely by wave action
  • Considerable cost savings for cleaning and prevention
  • Prolongs the operating life of structures
Product specifications
Technical specification
  • Engineered composite rubber
  • Recognised by API RP 2SIM as a measure to reduce hydrodynamic loads.
  • Self-cleaning
  • Powered by ocean energy
  • Life expectancy of 10 years
Safety features
  • Single deployment above the water and eliminates diver/ROV operations
  • Installed by experienced AquaTerra personnel
  • Reduces structural instability
  • Proven use in a variety of harsh environments
Design Capability
  • Ability to accommodate a wide range of tubulars
  • Rapid marine growth in as little as 2 days
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Can be used on new and existing offshore platforms and windfarms
  • Low cost & maintenance free
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
Case Study
Our client needed a suitable access system inside a highly congested concrete platform leg which had a significant level of capping activities ongoing inside. It was essential for the access system to be reachable by personnel who ...

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