The solution to splashzone stabilisation and integrity challenges.
Significant lateral forces from repeated wave action create unique challenges for caissons and conductors; movement within the guide frame over time leads to impact damage, potential fracture and eventual loss.

Traditionally engineered mechanical shims and centralisers can be costly and may only provide a short-term solution before repair or replacement is necessary.

Developed with the Net Zero Technology Centre (formally known as the OGTC), AquaShim® is a polyurethane- based alternative which is quick and simple to install and requires zero lifetime maintenance.

Providing low cost, long term stabilisation for caissons and conductors, AquaShim® halts deterioration and localised stresses, reduces vibration and noise and ultimately extends asset lifecycle.

Key Benefits
  • Minimum 15 year lifespan
  • Zero maintenance
  • Decommissioning friendly
  • Low temperature installation
  • Requires no specialist transport, heated containers or storage
  • Absorbs environmental impact loads
  • Eliminates further fretting damage
  • Simple, rapid, low cost installation
  • Allows free vertical movement of tubular
  • Vastly reduces noise and vibration at well-head
  • 24 hour cure time
  • Zero material shrinkage ensure snug 360° fit


Technical specification
  • AquaShim® can either be poured on site or precast. Precast can be installed topside or subsea
  • Fully engineered, tested & proven for operation in harsh environments
  • Detailed assessments completed to client requirements
  • Facilitates even distribution of loads into structure
Safety features
  • Installed by AquaTerra qualified technicians
  • No specialist mixing equipment required
  • Non-hazardous chemicals used
Design Capability
  • Topside and subsea application
  • Subsea installation using AquaCLAM® or divers
  • Engineered to suit any guide geometry
  • More design flexibility over alternative shimming solutions
Case Study
As is well known throughout the offshore energy industry, the conductor plays a vital role in providing an environmental covering to protect internal wells from wave and current force but also as structural support for the topside of a rig with its connection to the guide frame it sits within...

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