A Rapid, Safe and Cost Effective Suspended Access Platform

Today’s highly competitive construction and maintenance programs demand bespoke methods of access that deliver the optimum levels of safety and efficiency.

QuikDeck® can be built in the air, or on the ground and then hoisted into location. Using the equipment, workers feel safer which helps to improve productivity, but also heavy equipment can be moved around easily, even on wheels.


On traditional scaffolding systems, free movement can be limited and the space to accommodate multiple workers can be challenging.

Optimised by AquaTerra’s engineering and installation expertise, QuikDeck® modular access platforms provide clients with unrivalled quality of access capabilities, providing a safe and cost effective alternative to traditional access systems.

With flexible designs to accommodate obstructions and rapid installation times. QuikDeck® delivers the ultimate access for multiple personnel and on a range of structures including:

  • Offshore installations
  • Industrial facilities
  • Piers & jetties
  • Bridges & stadiums
  • Offshore substations
Key Benefits

  • Up to 80% reduction in installation time
  • Adaptable to a wide range of structures
  • Collective harness-free protection
  • Multi level platform capability
  • Up to 60% reduction in contact points
  • Installed by multi-discipline trade personnel
  • Multi level platform capability
  • Built in the air or hoisted
How does Quikdeck® work?
Product specifications
Technical specification
  • 3.6kN distributed load capacity
  • 2.5m loadable cantilever
  • 4.5kN point load capacity
  • 32kg/m2 system self weight
Safety features
  • Fully encapsulated & drops protected
  • AquaTerra in-house installation training
  • Structural stability
  • Clearly defined inspection protocol
  • Minimised obstructions & trip hazards
  • Collective protection
Design Capability
  • QuickDeck primary structure 3D modelling
  • Project specific static & dynamic load analysis
  • Appropriate design standard compliance
  • Independent CAT III checks & DNV approval
Case Study
As part of the preparation for topside removal, our client required us to remove the conductors utilsing the topside drilling package. In order to pull the conductors through the narrow openings in the conductor bay, all appurtenances were required to be removed from . . .

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