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Rowan Viking, Dundee, Scotland

The Rowan Viking is an N-Class Jack Up rig owned and operated by Valaris. As part of shipyard project there was a scope of work for the installation of a new heat shield in the derrick.
The Challenge

The scope of work was carried out during a shipyard repair and maintenance project and therefore numerous challenges were encountered.

  • Short time window
  • Multiple conflicting simultaneous operations
  • Complex lifting operations
  • Quayside laydown and modification area
Key Summary
  • Development of lift plans
  • Liaison with fabricators and design engineering
  • On site modification of heat shielding
  • Management of quayside cranage and all lifting activities
  • Installation and bolting of heat shielding in position using a Multi-disciplined rope access team

Role, Co.

The Solution

AquaTerra mobilised an experienced construction team to carry out the planning, management, and execution of the project. This team included a rope access construction and rigging team to deliver the installation of the new heat shield. A dedicated LOLER approved lift planner to plan and coordinate all lifts.

On site project management to ensure that delivery of the project was carried out safely and within the timescale and budget.

The management of lifting operations for up to 35ton using a tandem crane arrangement to lift the heat shield 325ft into position for installation.

The Result

The project was delivered safely with no recorded LTI’s or first aid cases which was built from a competent and experienced team who focussed on a ‘one team’ approach to project delivery.
The experienced construction team provided the project with flexibility during a continuously changing work scope by adopting a positive approach to problem solving during these changes utilising expertise in planning, managing and executing the complex lifting operation.

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