27 / May / 2024

AquaTerra Group leading the charge in inspection and reporting services

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In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, adaptability is paramount. With an increasing demand for innovative solutions, companies are harnessing multidisciplinary expertise to push the boundaries of service provision. Leading this charge is AquaTerra Group, a versatile provider of integrated services and product solutions headquartered in Aberdeenshire.

Accredited Excellence

AquaTerra Group has witnessed remarkable growth in its inspection and reporting services, holding a suite of accreditations that position it as a frontrunner in the energy industry globally. With ISO 17020 accreditation for conventional testing methods Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing and approvals from major classification societies ABS, BV, and DNV to conduct NDT and Hull Gauging, the firm is equipped to handle inspection tasks spanning offshore, marine, drilling, renewables, and onshore energy and infrastructure sectors. Inspection and reporting services now constitute a significant portion of AquaTerra’s revenue, underscoring its commitment to further expansion.

DROPS and Lifting Equipment Inspection

As well as conventional and advanced NDT services AquaTerra also offer condition and certification-based inspections such as DROPS and Lifting Gear surveys. The dropped object capability includes evaluation and implementation of dropped object management systems and dropped object surveys and inspection. The company can also execute Lifting Equipment Surveys to latest vendor, API, BS, and European guidelines, as well as LOLER 98 and LEEA. Both services can be managed through the company’s digital online platform ‘Veritas’.

Advanced Techniques and Technology

The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its adoption of advanced inspection techniques, driving substantial savings for clients. For instance, AquaTerra recently completed a challenging hull corrosion mapping project using a combination of Phased Array and Manual Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT and UTM), enhancing efficiency and coverage through rope access methods. The techniques implemented significantly improved the productivity that was being achieved on the previous campaign. This approach not only supported a vessel’s hull renewal program but also informed ongoing maintenance strategies, ensuring operational safety.

In another instance during a crane inspection onboard a Deepwater Drillship, AquaTerra employed phased array technology to inspect bolts and cylinder pins, eliminating the need for removal and significantly reducing project downtime and costs.

Moreover, the company’s AquaCLAM Clean and Inspection range of tools offers a rapid and cost-effective solution for cleaning and tubular assessment in the splashzone. A typical inspection programme includes marine growth removal, visual inspection, wall thickness inspection and corrosion mapping. The tooling has been implemented on a range of assets including caissons, conductors, risers, and jetty piles.

AquaTerra is poised to redefine standards in the energy sector.

Advancements in Data Management

Recognising the importance of data analysis and management, AquaTerra has embarked on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Robert Gordon University, aiming to develop machine learning techniques for the analysis and presentation of ultrasonic testing data (such as the data being captured by AquaCLAM). The initiative involves the two-year placement of a data scientist within AquaTerra, supported by the RGU’s School of Computing who specialise in machine learning and AI. This commitment to innovate underscores the company’s dedication to harnessing data-driven insights for enhanced operational efficiency and safety.

NDT Report Management Software

In response to industry demands for accurate and efficient reporting, AquaTerra, supported by Agile NDT has developed Veritas, a comprehensive on-line digital platform that brings significant improvements over existing inspection software tools. Veritas streamlines the reporting process, allowing NDT technicians to produce automated reports. The systems additional DROPS and Lifting equipment modules enhance productivity while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Stephen Taylor, Managing Director at AquaTerra, emphasises the company’s commitment to innovation and efficiency: “We’ve achieved significant progress in inspection and NDT, resulting in increased demand for our services. Our reputation for problem solving has attracted numerous companies to seek our expertise. Over the next three years we have a strategy to grow our inspection capabilities to be seen as the go to company for clients looking to maximise the return on their inspection budget.”

Looking Ahead

As AquaTerra Group continues to pioneer advancements in inspection and reporting services, it aims to solidify its position as the go-to company for clients seeking to maximise their return on inspection budgets. With a strategic focus on growth, innovation, and safety, AquaTerra is poised to redefine standards in the energy sector.