27 / Feb / 2024

AquaShim® vs. Traditional Methods: Comparing Effectiveness, Cost, and Maintenance

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There are many challenges associated with maintaining the stabilisation and integrity of caissons and conductors in the splashzone which are often as formidable as the forces of nature themselves. Splashzone structures endure significant lateral forces from relentless wave action, leading to potential damage, fracture, and eventual loss.

Traditional mechanical shims and centralizers, while once the standard, often fall short in providing sustainable, long-term solutions, necessitating frequent repairs or replacements.

With its superior effectiveness and minimal maintenance requirements, AquaTerra has developed AquaShim® and has set a benchmark solution for sustainability in the offshore industry.

Kevin Nelson, Project Manager, AquaShim Champion

Rapid and streamlined pre-installation process, minimal upfront engineering and short lead time.

Developed in collaboration with the Net Zero Technology Centre (formerly known as the OGTC), AquaShim® is a polyurethane-based alternative which offers a revolutionary approach that not only addresses these but surpasses them with unparalleled effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and has minimal maintenance requirements.

AquaShim’s polyurethane-based composition ensures quick and simple installation while requiring zero lifetime maintenance. By halting deterioration and localised stresses, reducing vibration and noise, AquaShim® extends the lifecycle of caissons and conductors, ensuring long-term stability and operational efficiency.

Unlike traditional methods that often involve time-consuming engineering and fabrication processes, AquaShim® offers a rapid and streamlined pre-installation process. With minimal upfront engineering and a short lead time, AquaShim® minimises downtime and accelerates project timelines ensuring timely deployment and cost-effective solutions.

Enhancing late life asset management – AquaShim’s® decommissioning advantage.

Preserving ageing assets and ensuring a smooth decommissioning process are becoming increasingly prominent concerns in the oil and gas industry. AquaShim® offers a distinct advantage in late-life asset management by facilitating seamless decommissioning.

Unlike traditional solutions that complicate removal during decommissioning, AquaShim® allows for easy extraction of the conductor, ensuring a hassle-free transition at the end of the asset’s lifecycle.

Traditional centralisers vs. AquaShim®

AquaShim® distinguishes itself from traditional methods through its innovative design and unparalleled performance. It offers a non-intrusive alternative to cumbersome centralisers that often endure a complex removal process, simplifying maintenance and extending the lifespan of ageing assets. With its cold poured application, AquaShim® eliminates the need for specialised temperature controls, and so transport and installation processes are simpler, streamlined and cost effective.

To find out more about AquaShim®, visit our product page here: AquaTerra | AquaShim® : Asset Integrity Management