06 / Jun / 2023

Illuminating Success: Craigellachie Bridge Shines Bright with New Lights

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Our team had the fantastic opportunity to provide rope access support for the installation of new lighting on the breath-taking Craigellachie Bridge in Speyside last week.

This historically significant Bridge is one of the finest and most innovative of more than a thousand bridges designed and erected under the direction of internationally renowned Thomas Telford.

The Bridge was a masterpiece of practical design based on a unique combination of intuition and experience which made the most of cast iron’s tensile strength limitations and harnessed its compressive strength and longevity – before the development of “strength of materials” structural analysis and improved materials. It’s unique “spider’s web” delicacy-with-strength was achieved by distributing loadings throughout the whole framework through the use of elegant lozenge-lattice spandrels.

A Glimpse into History:

Constructed between 1812 and 1814, the Craigellachie Bridge stands as a testament to architectural excellence and engineering brilliance. Designed by the visionary Thomas Telford, it has withstood the test of time, undergoing strengthening in 1902 and restoration in 1964. With its closure to vehicular traffic in 1972, the bridge now serves as a cherished footbridge, enchanting pedestrians with its timeless charm.

A Collaborative Endeavor:

We extend our gratitude to the charity team at Friends of Craigellachie Bridge for their unwavering dedication and commitment to preserving this historical gem. Rising to new heights, our AquaTerra rope access team ensured installation was smooth and swift.

Support and Gratitude:

In the spirit of collaboration and community, Steve Taylor, AquaTerra’s Managing Director, himself, local to Craigellachie, reached out to share some wonderful news with the charity team. AquaTerra chose to waive the fitting fee, a gesture that showcases our genuine enthusiasm and pleasure in supporting the team at Friends of Craigellachie.

Armadillo Lighting proved to be an invaluable advisor throughout the lighting installation process. With expert advice and unwavering patience, playing a crucial role in enhancing the bridge’s aesthetics and ensuring a stunning illumination that does justice to the structure alongside the team at Grants – Dufftown Ltd who provided electrical support.

The Macallan generously contributed in covering the cost of the new lights. Their dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of the region is truly commendable, and their support has played an instrumental role in making this project a reality.

With the successful installation of new lights on the Craigellachie Bridge, a new chapter in its illustrious history begins. This collaborative effort, fueled by passion and dedication, has ensured that the bridge shines brighter than ever before.

Read more about the fantastic work by Friends of Craigellachie Bridge.