02 / Jun / 2023

Chemical-Free Marine Growth Removal in the Splashzone: Find out more about MGP-i

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Earlier this week, we went live with our new explainer video, introducing our ocean-powered marine growth preventer, MGP-i and the advantages it brings to tubulars in the splashzone.

The combination of marine growth and wave loading on offshore structures can increase the probability of tubular defects and failure.

AquaTerra Group Ltd provides a revolutionary solution to address this challenge – the MGP-i (Marine Growth Prevention) tool.

Rapid and chemical-free marine growth removal for tubulars in the splashzone in as little as two days

The MGP-i tool combines advanced technology and expert engineering to prevent marine growth on offshore structures. Easily removing soft and hard growth material, the MGP-i is powered solely by wave action, so it’s environmentally friendly and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By reducing marine growth, we significantly mitigate the risk of tubular defects and failure. Moreover, this innovative tool also eliminates or reduces the need for periodic cleaning by divers, saving time and cost.

If you want to learn more about the game-changing MGP-i Marine Growth Prevention tool, visit the AquaTerra product pages here.

Join us in revolutionising offshore operations and ensuring the integrity and longevity of structures in challenging splashzone environments.

AquaTerra’s approach to marine growth in the Splashzone

Driven by our commitment to innovation and providing the best solutions for our clients, we have developed a complete range of specialist products and procedures to enable efficient, productive and safe underdeck and Splashzone inspection, repair and maintenance.

Our dedicated Splashzone technologies, such as MGP-i, provide solutions that innovatively mitigate these challenges. These innovations offer rapid, low-cost, long-term methods to tackle marine growth, while reducing or removing the need for ROV or diver intervention. Read more about our marine growth removal technologies on our Products pages, or visit the product pages for MGP-i and AquaCLAM.