#1. A concentric reducer is used to?

#2. What type of gasket would you expect to find on a 10" NB 600# RF flange?

#3. What is the typical angle of prep for butt welding on grade 4130 Sch XXS pipe?

#4. When is it acceptable to combine NPT and BSPP threaded fittings?

#5. What is NOT required when welding 2" carbon steel butt weld?

#6. A rating of 150# refers to a flange's ...?

#7. Ultimately, who is responsible for confirming an isolation is in place before breaking containment?

#8. From which size onwards is NB of pipe equal to OD of pipe

#9. Apart from the pipe diameter, what other information should be stamped on the edge of a flange?

#10. What is the most common specification of carbon steel pipe in our industry?

#11. Can we re-use spiral wound gaskets?

#12. Where would you expect to find an overall system view of Mechanical Equipment, Valves associated with process?

#13. What is the abbreviation FOF used for on isometric drawings?

#14. Typically how many times above operating pressure should pipe work be hydrostatically tested to?

#15. Identify the correct bolt torque sequence for the pictured 8-hole flange?