Caissons and conductors



Caisson and conductor integrity can be a significant challenge and cost to operators, especially on mature assets. Usually unseen, these integrity issues are frequently located in difficult to access areas under deck or around the ‘splash-zone’.


AquaTerra have developed specialist equipment and procedures to enable cost effective cleaning, inspection, and repair, all of which can be deployed by rope access specialists, negating the requirement for high cost specialist support vessels, diving or ROVs.


AquaTerra have a comprehensive track record of completing a wide range of projects for the inspection, repair, refurbishment, installation and decommissioning of caissons and conductors.


Our Caisson and Conductor Management Services cover 5 key areas:


  • Cleaning and Inspection: AquaTerra have the capability to clean and inspect caissons and conductors above and below the waterline, using specialist rope access deployed tooling. We provide clients with a cost effective solution to understand and plan around identified integrity risks.
  • Assessment: AquaTerra provide full risk assessment, engineering assessment and data interpretation, with prioritisation and recommendations based on safety first and expected asset life.
  • React: AquaTerra can ‘make safe’ identified integrity issues through engineering engagement to develop and implement suitable temporary restraint rigging solutions.
  • Repair: AquaTerra provides world class technical innovation and tooling for the repair and maintenance of caissons and conductors both above and below the water. We can conduct clamp and guide repairs, stabilisation, and chocking (AquaShim), welding and mechanical repairs.
  • Replacement or Decommissioning: AquaTerra have the full capability to manage and deliver the removal and replacement of caissons and conductors.


Using the best access solution, remote tooling, proven designs and installation techniques AquaTerra add significant value by removing the cost of standby vessels, dive support vessels and ROV’s in normally difficult to access areas.


AquaTerra have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide end-to-end caisson and conductor management services.

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Get in touch to discuss your requirements