Product overview


  • Modular cantilevered suspended access and work platform
  • Can be built in situ or pre-assembled and hoisted into position
  • Suspended sections supported by 3/8” grade 10 coated chains
  • Galvanised steel frame with high density fire retardant fibre boards
  • Simple design, with only six (6) main components
  • Individual joist sections 2.4m2, with up to 5m free span
  • Distributed loading capacity ranging from 120kg/m² and up to 360             kg/m²
  • Minimum point loading capacity 453kg
  • Compliant with BS EN 2830:1994 Suspended Access Equipment and         DNV approved

Key Benefits


  • Proven to reduce installation and dismantling time up to 75%                       compared to traditional scaffolding for underdeck applications
  • Satisfies ‘collective protection’ HSE requirement, providing stable and       open work platform also for non-RA personnel
  • Ease of installation allows covering large horizontal areas quickly
  • Suitable for multi-level applications and can be integrated with other       access systems / equipment
  • Can be raised and lowered with ease and modified on-site
  • Can be designed and built around obstructions with minimal anchor       points
  • Allows for simple encapsulation and is DROPS friendly
  • Offers environmental protection for underdeck work and removes             the need for overside cover
  • High loading capacity enables lay down of heavy equipment and               plant