Solving a stabilisation and integrity challenge


  • Offshore environmental conditions create significant challenges for           caissons and conductors
  • Significant lateral forces from repeated wave action result in lateral           displacement, localised stresses and even resonance
  • Wear and failure of traditional shims allow excessive lateral                           displacement within the guide which over time leads to fatigue and         impact damage, with potential fracture and loss
  • Unchecked, extensive and costly remedial maintenance or complete         replacement is often required
  • AquaTerra’s AquaShim® developed in association with OGTC,                       provides cost effective long term stabilisation, halting deterioration,           reducing localised stresses and increasing lifespan

AquaShim® Benefits


  • Low cost and rapid installation
  • Halts deterioration, minimising likelihood of failure
  • Potential year-round installation
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting solution
  • Adaptable for all geometries, resulting in short lead times and                     minimal ad-hoc engineering
  • Extends life of asset and caisson or conductor, also offering enhanced       structural support
  • Significantly reduces noise and vibration
  • Simple storage requirements

Aquashim® key features


  • Simple, rapid and low cost installation
  • Fully engineered, safe and long-lasting solution
  • Requires no specialist transportation or on-site storage
  • Up to 50% reduction in localised stresses induced by guide
  • Low installation temperature, making year-round application possible
  • Adaptable to all guide types and sizes
  • Fully cured within 24 hours
  • Topside and subsea applications
  • Internal liner allows free vertical movement, whilst AquaShim® compound absorbs horizontal movement, making it decommissioning friendly
  • No shrinkage of AquaShim® compound ensures perfect fit, every time
  • Installed by fully trained technicians
  • Supported by the OGTC