Solving a stabilisation and integrity challenge


  • Offshore splash-zone conditions create significant challenges for inspecting and repairing caissons and conductors
  • Significant lateral forces from repeated wave action result in lateral displacement and localised stresses
  • Traditionally shims are utilised to support lateral movement in the air gap, however the first subsea guide frame is commonly unsupported
  • Unchecked, extensive and costly remedial maintenance or complete replacement is often required utilising divers or ROVs
  • AquaTerra’s AquaClam® tooling can be deployed from underdeck to inspect and install engineered clamps or shims to provide structural repairs
  • The tooling suite is deployed and controlled from the platform, mitigating the need for expensive diver or ROV intervention

AquaCLAM® Benefits


  • Significant cost saving compared to inspecting/repairing with divers or ROVs
  • Halts deterioration, minimising likelihood of failure
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting solution
  • Extends life of asset and caisson or conductor, also offering enhanced structural support
  • Bolted solution provides shear support

AquaCLAM® key features


  • Diverless cleaning, inspection and repair of caissons and conductors
  • Cleaning and Inspection tool removes marine growth to inspect the conductor and guide
  • Inspection data utilised to engineer a repair
  • Repair installed by remote tooling, controlled and installed from the platform
  • Observation of the installation subsea is monitored by an observation tool on an adjacent conductor
  • Push down tool can be utilised to push the repair into final position within the guide cone
  • Fully engineered solution, safe and designed to for remaining asset life
  • Installed by fully trained technicians

Technical Data

AQUACLAM® Cleaning and Inspection


  • Dual 1000 Bar pressure rated cleaning nozzles
  • Cleaning pressure can be adjusted for application
  • Cleaning rates are on average 10” full axial cleaning per minute (dependent on marine growth consistency and level of cleanliness required)
  • Topside controlled and hydraulically operated
  • Rotation rates are variable to suit cleaning/scanning requirements
  • 700 kg Weight
  • 100 kg carrying capacity on the rotational ring for additional NDT or cameras
  • 4 x HD cameras and 2 x LED lights as standard, more or alternative cameras possible
  • 2 Sizes: 20”-26” and 26”-32” tubulars
  • Umbilicals can be utilised for additional video or data communication
  • Can be adapted for ROV deployment and operation



  • Bespoke engineered repair
  • Provides wear and shear protection to the conductor by installing bolted sleeve
  • Metal or pre-cast polyurethane solutions for shim replacement
  • Current capabilities up to 32” OD
  • Can be designed to pass over obstructions (anode bracelets, connectors, etc)
  • Torque tools recovered to surface for repeated operations

Why AquaTerra


  • Exceed Expectations – enabling our clients to deliver success
  • Accountable – we reduce risk for our clients
  • Proactive – we work with our clients to meet their long terms needs
  • Customer Driven – we understand the challenges our customers face
  • Proven Track Record – we develop and deliver high quality specialist products and solutions
  • Motivated – we help the industry achieve optimal operational efficiency in a safe and cost-effective manner