When you consider our services and the environments in which our people operate, you will appreciate the knowledge we have on the equipment required for work in these settings.


We stock over 30,000 items of specialist work and rescue equipment for activities at height, within confined spaces and in difficult access environments.


All equipment provided by AquaTerra complies with current European and International standards, and is supplied with appropriate Certificates of Conformity, Test or Inspection Certificates.


AquaTerra Rescue Kit (ARK)


Launched in 2010, AquaTerra’s ARK is a simple to use, highly effective rescue system deployed globally in over 600 offshore fixed installations, mobile drilling units, drilling ships and dive support vessels. 


It is a manually-operated rescue system for raising and lowering. Lightweight and easy to use, the ARK can be operated by one person and used to safely raise or lower two persons at the same time (rescuer and casualty).


This simple, no-nonsense system is deployed ‘straight from the bag’. Attach the anchor to a suitable point and the system is ready to use. The ARK requires minimal training which can be carried out on site where required.

Rigging and lifting


We hold extensive stock of standard and specialist equipment to support not only our rigging operations and projects, but also those of our clients.


We have a fleet of high quality Rigging Lofts, in 10ft, 15ft or 20ft configurations, available for immediate hire.  AquaTerra Rigging Lofts are certified to DNV 2.7-1/BSEN12079/3 and stocked using only the highest quality equipment, which meet or exceed LEEA recommendations.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements


Get in touch to discuss your requirements