The fast and cost-effective lining for caisson life extension

CureShield® is ideal for projects nearing their end of life or where downtime to replace assets is not cost effective. The damage is repaired using a composite liner forming a protective sleeve within the caisson, extending the asset life by a minimum of 5 years.

Ideal for use on:

  • Offshore installations
  • Piers & jetties
  • Bridges & stadiums
  • Offshore substation

Progressive internal corrosion to caissons can lead to a range of anomalies which can significantly reduce performance and life span.

Left unattended these anomalies can lead to more serious issues such as through wall defects and eventual caisson replacement.

AquaTerra's CureShield protective sleeve tool for caissons to extend asset life

CureShield® has been developed as an adaption of the CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) process that has been utilised onshore for the rehabilitation of utility pipework for over 20 years.

CureShield® is a composite liner that is bonded to the internal surface of the caisson to create a maintenance layer that halts corrosion, restores integrity and improves efficiency. CureShield® can be engineered to suit all caisson diameters and lengths.

Once installed the maintenance layer will significantly extend the functioning life of the caisson, and as such is ideally suited to late life applications where infrastructure has a limited remaining working life.

It can be installed over the full length of the caisson and functions equally well above and below the waterline due to its unique characteristics and installation method.

Key benefits
  • Extends asset viability by avoiding lengthy & costly replacement of caisson
  • It is quicker to install than traditional methods taking one week vs several months
  • A ‘jointless’ system designed to withstand extreme offshore conditions that is not vulnerable to leaks at welding points
  • Minimal installation downtime
  • Safely completed from topside
  • Ability to ‘bridge’ over existing holes & anomalies
  • Protects above & below water line
Before Repair
After Repair
Product specifications
Technical specification
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Sea water & chemical resistant
  • Protects above & below the water line
  • Installation process ensures perfect fit
Safety features
  • Safely completed from topside
  • Minimal reduction of pipe bore
  • Caisson immediately returned back to the asset owner once cured
Design Capability
  • Can be engineered to suit all diameters & changes in diameter
  • Lines the full length of the caisson
  • Smooth surface finish increases caisson efficiency
  • Protects above & below the water line
  • Lightweight repair (less than 5% of steel swage)
Case Study
Our client needed a suitable access system inside a highly congested concrete platform leg which had a significant level of capping activities ongoing inside. It was essential for the access system to be reachable by personnel who ...

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