To compliment our Engineering and Construction capabilities, AquaTerra provides a full Project Management service, providing our clients the benefits of a comprehensive turnkey package, which is effectively managed at all stages and processes of the project life cycle.

Drawn from a wide range of disciplines and industry backgrounds, AquaTerra's project teams have the knowledge and technical skills to deliver critical path project activities which meet and exceed client expectations and objectives.

  • Project Initiation, Planning, Execution and Project Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Cost Control and Budget Management
  • Engineering and Implementation Contractor Management
  • Site Surveys - Design, Fabrication and Implementation
  • Fabrication Quality Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Resource Management
  • Implementation Management
  • Closeout Management

Major contributors to increased project costs and failure to hit budget are spiralling non-productive time and overruns. Using lean project management techniques, to deliver value with less waste and reduced time, we actively promote high levels of pre-planning and effective communication to ensure all stakeholders understand and are fully engaged with the project objectives and deliverables.