AquaTerra delivers 'cradle to grave' engineering solutions for small projects, minor modifications and like-for-like replacement work scopes.

At AquaTerra, we provide high quality engineering and management services appropriate to the needs of the job - routine, simple to fix repair orders and fabric maintenance tasks do not necessarily need complex or costly engineering solutions.

Ours is a no-nonsense approach, focussing on minimising engineering hours and costs without compromise to quality.

  • Conceptual Design and FEED Support
  • Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Workpack Development and Delivery
  • Feasibility and Design
  • Engineering and Construction Support
  • Project Planning
  • Procurement and Third Party Management
  • Budget Control
  • Project Implementation and Delivery within Schedule

Our engineering input from the start of the project ensures that what is delivered to site can be efficiently and effectively constructed, without modification or design changes.

Combined with our Project Management and Construction Capabilities, we ensure that each project is appropriately managed and controlled throughout the project lifecycle, delivering efficiency and ensuring minimum delays and downtime.