Steamlined working practices, market-leading materials, technologies and smarter thinking are key elements of Aquaterra's approach to business management. 

AquaTerra is not constrained by traditional methods or thinking. We have the drive to embrace creative and innovative thinking, to look at alternative ways of working which bring real change for our clients.

 Work Positioning Netting (WPN)

  • A light weight alternative to a general access scaffold
  • The system can be quickly installed and requires less manpower
  • Additional safety margin
  • Cost effective and rapid access
  • Fall protection and dropped object protection, work positioning and work restraint
  • It can be designed to fit most structures
  • It is cost effective for large areas
  • Significantly reduced wind loadings
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures (-40° to +265°)
  • Significantly reduces transportation and storage issues
  • No over side boat cover is required after completion of installation 
  • Work Positioning Nets are certified to EN1263-1, EN1263-2, ISO 1806

QuikDeck™  Staging System

  • A modular platform that is easy to install
  • QuikDeck™ can be assembled from just a few basic components
  • Can be configured to fit almost any shape or size
  • Safe for workers
  • More economical than traditional scaffolding
  • QuikDeck™ can be specially designed to be built in tight corners, while providing optimal access
  • QuikDeck™ can be built in the air or on the ground and then hoisted into position
  • Equipment can be leapfrogged and relocated as work progresses
  • Especially suitable or under deck working

Suspended Platforms

  • Extremely light weight, making it easy to handle and assemble on site
  • The A frame suspension points are designed to allow several methods of lowering and hoisting according to the user's requirements
  • It consists of 2m or 3m sections which can be clipped together to reach a range of lengths where necessary
  • It can be inserted through open structures and lowered inside large tanks and vessels
  • Inherently flexible, the AquaTerra SPS can be configured to give 360° access for works on towers, chimneys and other structures
  • Working load limit is 500kg