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Project overview:

1 month mobilisation for training personnel on board 2 offshore installations in Angola. 

Scope of Work

All training was carried out at scheduled times over 12 hour shifts (days & nights) to cater for all personnel.
Due to the availability of personnel the timetable for the training was tailored suit the client and AquaTerra worked closely with the relevant people onboard to arrange the most suitable times and class arrangements. This included theory only classes and also practical only along with full theory and practical courses. This flexibility meant that delegates could still carry out their daily tasks as well as attend the training they required.

In cases where English wasn't the delegates first language a translator was made available to assist, together with revised question papers to ensure delegates had a thorough understanding.

As the customer had purchased 3 AquaTerra Rescue Kits (ARK), AquaTerra were able to provide delegates with product specific training.