Project overview:

AquaTerra provide Project Management and Engineering Services to support our construction and site implementation capabilities for the following projects:

  • Installation of J Tube and pipe work inside the legs
  • HVAC Inspection
  • Cable pulling and EX Electrical Inspections
  • Installation of 10” Vent Line on Derrick
  • Rigging and lifting associated with Arbroath Hook Up
  • Installation of Alimak Lift inside leg
  • Installation of Guide Sled to leg
  • Installation of Wire Web and Netting to various locations on installation
  • Supply of Riggers and Pipe Fitters for Shutdown

We provided a manager onshore in the Fairfield Energy offices and also one offshore. The two persons in conjunction with the Fairfield Engineering Team were responsible for;

  • Defining work scopes
  • Development of Work Pack
  • Developing operating Life Support and Intervention procedures
  • Design of Emergency Escape and Evacuation systems
  • Selection of competent personnel
  • Management of all Subcontractors and Suppliers
  • Develop Project Plans
  • CTR Compilation
  • Ensure execution within time line and budget

Following planning and delivery to point of installation the AquaTerra managers led the project in its entirety - from offshore construction to project close out adding real value and ensuring continuity.