Project overview:

Decommissioning and replacement of 10" live production lines beneath EL +76.000m inside the Utility Shaft.

  • Comprehensive PDO sweep and cleaning of entire column
  • Installation of Life Support Systems (air cylinder caches, line- fed BA system, hoses, equipment, lighting and gas detection) at identified locations throughout the column
  • NDT/inspection (MPI, UT, TOFD, SLOFEC) and mapping of lines, manifold, valves and equipment between EL +168.000m and EL +55.000m
  • Installation of 20.0m dia. steel frame and composite platform suspended below EL +76.000m
  • Deactivation of main manifold at EL +76.000m using hot tapping and grouting
  • Sequential deactivation of cell fill lines, hot-tapping (in conjuction with a specialist contractor to hot tap, pig and plug the lines) and plugging (within the column wall)
  • Cold cutting and removal to topside all piping section, valves etc for disposal
  • Preparation of remaining lines - flange-facing, installation of new flanges
  • Installation of new lines including isolation valves
  • Construction and installation of new manifold and manifold support platform at EL +86.000m, including associated pipework, tie-ins, electrical panels and instrumentation
  • The project required selection, training and management of 36 personnel to carry out initial NDT/Inspection of the lines, clamps and associated equipment using conventional and specialist techniques, isolation of the lines and deactivation of the manifold and subsequent line removal and replacement
  • Management and execution of an intensive programme of training and competence assessment for 36 personnel against a matrix of requirements, prior and during all stages of the work

All operations carried out in a potentially hazardous environment requiring line-fed breathing apparatus (+150 000 hours).