Project overview:

Construction of QuikDeck platform to enable access to the DA 41 conductor to remove the cutting chute.


  • QuikDeck Installation
  • Rigging & Lifting
  • Mechanical
  • LOLER Planning

Key Challenges:

  • Short windows of opportunity (weather, sea state & tide)
  • Time constrained, delays from changing personnel could not be afforded
  • Project required a spread of skills in a small team
  • Short duration to complete the scope and have the chute topside

AquaTerra's Solution:

  • Select experienced and competent team
  • Verify competence in core skills
  • Train all team members in support functions for complete flexibility and rotation of the team at the worksite
  • Same team installing access and removing the chute
  • Use of netting to enclose the QuikDeck and remove the need for standby vessel


  • AquaTerra mobilised a team of 4 personnel only with no requirement to change out team
  • Rotation of personnel eliminated non-productive time and maximised weather/tide windows of opportunity
  • Reduced bed space demands
  • No requirement for third party support
  • Total work scope completed in less time that to erect a scaffold system