Case Study

Potential Dropped Objects (PDO) Sweep




Fixed platforms, mobile drilling rigs, marine vessels and workshop sites


A dropped object sweep can be carried out at a clients work site on request, paying particular attention to overhead beams, cable trays and other equipment that is installed at height.
A PDO sweep may be carried out prior to or on completion of shipyard or work periods where inspection, repair and maintenance scopes may be getting carried out by crew or third party personnel.

Potential dropped objects survey conducted by AquaTerra
The Challenge

Site management teams all tend to have the same issues with the management of equipment installed at height such as fragmented historic information on previous DROPS inspections and remedial works.
No standardised reporting and categorisation of findings in reports with limited cross learning, sharing of information and lessons learned across assets
A tendency to focus on inspection and reporting with a lack of remedial action.

Key Summary

A PDO sweep is normally carried out in accordance with the clients dropped objects site management requirements and aims to:

  • Identify potential dropped objects, log, photograph and record.
  • Identify items that can be repaired.
  • Identify items that need to be removed.

Role, Co.

The Solution

The mobilisation of a dedicated rope-access team to execute the work to a consistent high standard across all sites carrying out remedial work at the time of inspection where possible.
Clear and structured reporting system showing the area, findings and actions taken including photographs and sketches where applicable.

The Result
  • Consistency – same team, same standard of reporting, throughout all assets
  • Transparency - DROPS action tracker provided clear visibility and assurance, Reliability – repository of reliable and consistent report information
  • Repeatability – team developed knowledge of assets and findings
  • Improved safety – reduction in potential harm
  • Rogues Gallery – awareness programme highlighting areas where remedials have been carried out
  • Find and fix – immediate repair, potential for harm eliminated

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