Case Study

Flare Tower: Remedial work and changeout preparation

Serica Energy
Bruce Platform, North Sea, UK
In 2023, Serica Energy conducted a TAR on Bruce platform. As part of this, a campaign of remedial works and preparations for the change out of flare tips and manifolds was planned.
Key Summary
  • Inspection and FM on Compressor Exhaust Frame
  • Liquidation of a number of ROs and FMOs
  • Pre-work for change out of flare tips and manifolds
  • Rescue cover for Vertech Offshore Team
  • Reinstatement work on FTAP
  • Provision of inspection reports using AquaTerra’s bespoke Veritas Inspection Reporting System
The Challenge
AquaTerra was tasked with accessing and positioning the necessary equipment to carry out a series of complex tasks on a vertical flare structure towering 141 meters above sea level. The work was scheduled in a tight Turnaround (TAR) period, with a multitude of diverse work scopes to complete. Aside from the main scope, operational atmospheric vents were located on the flare structure, posing the risk of creating an oxygen-deficient environment.
The Solution

An experienced, multi-disciplined AquaTerra rope access team with a proven track record of executing flare works was assembled.

The team employed linkable gas detection systems alongside breathing apparatus (BA) escape equipment and strategically positioned caches to ensure a safe working environment.

Additionally, the team implemented a 24-hour work regime, maximising productivity on the flare structure. To minimize downtime, fallback work was pre-arranged, ensuring the project proceeded smoothly.

The Result
The team delivered a successful flare campaign, adhering to the schedule and staying well within budget constraints. This achieved significant cost-efficiency for the client.

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