Case Study

Dropped Objects Survey




Fixed platforms, mobile drilling rigs, marine vessels and workshop sites


The purpose of the Dropped Object Survey is to carry out detailed thorough inspections of equipment identified to be a Potential Dropped Object (PDO).
Inspections are carried out in accordance with AquaTerra’s DROPS procedure and best practice guidelines.

AquaTerra conducts dropped objects surveys for offshore assets
The Challenge

Equipment installed at height needs to be inspected and maintained to ensure that it doesn’t become a Potential Dropped Object (PDO). Access presents the greatest difficulty for maintenance teams to carry out Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) works.
Once inspected the equipment requires periodic monitoring, especially in high traffic or exposed areas to ensure that it doesn’t degrade and fall from its position.
Managing large volumes of equipment installed at height requires specialised teams and training backed with clear reporting to maintain in a safe condition.

Key Summary
  • Structured inspection procedure and associated documentation
  • Risk based inspection process carried out allowing flexibility in requirements to suit client needs
  • Competent multi-disciplined rope access teams carry out find and fix inspection campaigns
  • Tools at height considerations made for differing loads of equipment and tooling
  • Structured reporting system allows consistent information and data capture
  • Additional DROPS awareness and inspection training available to clients.

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The Solution

AquaTerra manages and deploys competent multi-disciplined rope access teams to identify, inspect, repair and maintain equipment installed at height.
Inspections are recorded using various forms of reports and sketches with instructions provided to client on periodic inspection and management of equipment.
Remedial work can be carried out when identified or on subsequent visits to the site whilst delivering on site training in DROPS hazard awareness and inspection training.

The Result
  • Consistency – same team, same standard of reporting, throughout all assets
  • Transparency – DROPS report package providing clear visibility and assurance
  • Reliability – repository of reliable and consistent report information
  • Repeatability – team developed knowledge of assets and findings.

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