Case Study

deck strengthening




Judy Platform, North Sea


AquaTerra efficiently executed the installation and removal of old steelwork, along with the installation of replacement beams in multiple under-deck locations, employing the QuikDeck platform and relying on a skilled 6-person multi-disciplined team.

The Challenge

Faced with a limited window for execution, and the complexity of the rigging and lifting operations underdeck added to the complexity of this scope.

Additionally, our team had to ensure that the access platform could support the installation sequence while avoiding any potential clashes with cross-hauling and the underdeck access system.

Key Summary
  • QuikDeck platform utilised for efficient execution of steelwork installation and removal due to its versatility and cantilevered ability for cross-hauling.
  • Planning and execution of complex lifts.
  • Achieved significant time savings by engineering and installing QuikDeck, completing the project ahead of schedule.
  • Provision of rigging equipment for removal and installation of steelwork

Role, Co.

The Solution

AquaTerra chose to employ the QuikDeck system, our versatile suspended access platform, which offered a stable working platform and the ability to accommodate modifications to support the installation sequence effectively.

We also recognised that its cantilevered section would be instrumental in facilitating the cross-hauling of large structural beams from an inboard location.

The Result

By engineering, supplying, and installing 250m2 of QuikDeck, we were able to set up a reliable access system for the entire project. The platform's unique design allowed us to move and re-connect support chains as we cross-hauled the beams, streamlining the process significantly. As a result, we accomplished the cross-hauling of entire beam sections in a single shift, eliminating the need for a standby vessel.

The QuikDeck system proved to be a game-changer, enabling us to save a remarkable 75% of the time required for the installation and removal of the access platform when compared to conventional scaffold systems. This time efficiency allowed us to complete the build phase (7 days) and destruct phase (5 days) ahead of the originally scheduled timeline, exceeding the client's expectations.

In conclusion, the successful execution of this project highlights the importance of leveraging innovative solutions in overcoming complex challenges. The QuikDeck platform played a pivotal role in streamlining rigging operations, providing stability, and significantly reducing the project timeline. As a team, we take pride in delivering exceptional results, and this case study serves as a testament to the power of forward-thinking approaches in the construction industry.

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