Project overview:

AquaTerra’s Fire Warden Course has been designed to give participants the knowledge and understanding to become an Appointed Fire Warden and be able to identify and correctly operate First Aid Fire Fighting Equipment.

For this particular client, AquaTerra was delivering the training to 28 delegates over 2 days at their own premises in Aberdeen. Fire safety legislation, chemistry/classification of fire and fire spread and development are some of the elements covered in the course as well as practical exercises and demonstrations.

On completion of the training, the client required AquaTerra to conduct an evaluation of their evacuation procedure – allowing the Fire Wardens to put their training into practice and also to identify any improvements which could be made to the process. The team at AquaTerra advised that in order to obtain the best results, the drill should be kept secret, taking place on a randomly selected day/time so as not to be expected by the staff and fire wardens who would be forced to act instinctively.

Known by only a select few members of the client’s staff and the local authorities, AquaTerra set up a ‘true to life’ fire drill at the client’s premises using a smoke machine to act as an obstruction to one of the fire exits.

The exercise was a success.

Closely monitored by the AquaTerra Training team, the drill highlighted that the Fire Wardens recognised their immediate priorities in the emergency situation and confidently acted out their roles and responsibilities to ensure the safety of their colleagues.

AquaTerra submitted a full report to the client, offering suggestions for improvements to their fire evacuation procedure.